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Tuition & Fees

KPDC’s 2019-2020 Dance Season

There will be no proration of tuition for holidays. For the 2019-2020 year, there will be no charge for tuition for the month of October.


45 minutes of classes$60 per month
1 hour$70 per month
1.5 hours$90 per month
1 hour & 45 minutes$100 per month
2 hours$110 per month
2.5 hours$130 per month
2 hours & 45 minutes$140 per month
3 hours$150 per month
3.5 hours$170 per month
3 hours & 45 minutes$180 per month
4 hours$190 per month
4.5 hours$210 per month
4 hours & 45 minutes$220 per month
5 hours$230 per month



Tuition Policies

Registration Fee

There is a non-refundable registration fee that is due at time of registration to hold your place in class. The fee is $50/year for a single student; and $75/year for 2 or more students in the same family.

Waiver Form

Each student must have a Waiver form on file. Click here to download.

Costume Fee

A Costume Fee will apply to all students performing in the recital. The fee is per costume, per class, and is due on by December 20, 2019, or with your December 2019 tuition.

Recital Fee

A Recital Fee of $75 will apply to all students planning to perform in the May 2020 Recital. This fee is due March 1, 2020 with your March tuition.


Studio Policies

Dress Code

Students are required to arrive dressed in the appropriate dance wear and bring with them all necessary items for their dance class:

Creative Movement & BalletBlack leotard, pink tights, pink shoes. No skirts or tutus.
JazzAny color leotard, black jazz pants, and black jazz shoes.
TapAny color leotard, any color tights, and black tap shoes.
HairStudents are required to arrive with their hair already fastened in a bun for ballet classes, or, for all other classes, their hair should be tied back and away from their face


Students are expected to be on time for class which means being present for the start of class, including the warm-up at the beginning of class. Students are expected to be courteous, respectful and attentive during all classes.

Class Attendance | Absences

If your child will miss a class, please contact us. There shall be no refund for missed classes. If a student is absent from class, the student may attend a similar class during or within thirty days of the absence.


When class is dismissed, please meet your child in the waiting area of the studio. Please be prompt in picking up your child after class since our teachers cannot wait with or supervise children waiting for a ride. For safety purposes, your child should wait inside the dance studio for their parent(s). Students may not engage in loud and disruptive behavior in the lobby when waiting for their parent(s).

Class Cancellation | Drop Policy